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Kitchen renovation
Family Room Renovation
Residential Exterior Renovation
Kitchen Renovation
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We take great pride in transforming houses into homes. The worse the condition and layout, the more rewarding we find the project.  

What Is It We Are Doing?

Our society calls it “flipping” but what we do is deep rehabilitation. Flipping sounds like putting “lipstick on a pig”.  Flipping might be buying and reselling without doing any work in between.  What we do hardly seems like flipping to us.  We buy houses in need of major transformations and in need of major repair and system upgrades.  We upgrade the homes from top to bottom and frequently put on an addition to add more square footage or create a master suite.  We seek to buy houses that are functionally obsolete, in great locations and neighborhoods, and turn those houses into warm, welcoming homes that work for today’s buyer’s lifestyles.

When we are finished, we have improved the neighborhood, made a new home for a new family and sometimes put a property back on the tax rolls for the local municipality.  We call that a “Win-Win”.

Maybe we don’t make every last dollar we could by “flipping” houses and maybe we take a few extra weeks to complete it with a conscience, but we design and execute our craft like we would want to own it, live in it, and raise our own families there.

Typical Scope of Work

> Roof

> Windows

> Doors

> Add Central Air

> New Heater

> Upgraded Electric & Plumbing

> Open Floorplan

> New Kitchen

> Refinished Flooring

> Fresh Landscaping

> New Driveway

> New Bathrooms

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